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Writing and Poetry Resources for kids


Handbook of Poetic Forms edited by Ron Padgett (Teachers and Writers Collaborative, 1987, ages 9 and up, $12). Defines and provides examples of a variety of forms, including sonnet, villanelle, haiku, acrostic and many more.

How to Write Poetry by Paul Janeczko (Scholastic, 1999, ages 9 and up, $12.95). An acclaimed poet-teacher guides kids in writing poetry, from finding ideas to considering sound and image to creating different types of poems.

Families Writing by Peter Stillman (Writers Digest Books, 1989, all ages, $14.99). Includes a helpful chapter on "Journals and Journaling" and more than 60 ideas to get the whole family involved in writing.

So, You Wanna Be a Writer? by Vicki Hambleton and Cathleen Greenwood (Beyond Words, 2001, ages 11 and up, $8.95). Explores different areas of writing, offers publishing tips,and features 20 real-kid authors.

Writing Smart Junior by C.L. Brantley (Random House, 1995, ages 11 to 14, $12). Tips and exercises on writing reports, articles, stories, and poems.


Academy of American Poets--588 Broadway, New York, NY 10012. 212-274-0343. www.poets.org. The largest organization in the country devoted to poetry. The Web site has information on ways to celebrate National Poetry Month each April.

Children's Book Council--568 Broadway, New York, NY 10012. 212-966-1990. www.cbcbooks.org. The Web site has tips on celebrating Children's Book Week each November.