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PENCIL TIPS WRITING WORKSHOP is composed of children’s writers and illustrators who have published in a variety of genres: picture books, nonfiction, historical fiction, fantasy, chapter books, and magazines. As writers and illustrators for children, we’d like to help others, especially young people, feel comfortable and confident with the written word. This blog provides practical tips and observations on the art of writing, particularly in the classroom. We also offer it as a forum for teachers, students, parents, and others who love children’s literature and writing as much as we do. All of us do school visits and teach writing workshops. We believe in the power of mentoring other writers. Click Here to access the Blog.

Tips for writers and writing teachers at Pencil Tips: Writing Workshop Strategies, the blog I share with five wonderful children’s authors and illustrators, who also teach writing;

Pamela Ehrenberg

Jackie Jules

Laura Melmed

Pam Smallcomb

Joan Waites